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Case Study
Property Industry Client

    Services : SEO
    Region : UK
    Sector : Property & Real Estate
    Targeted keywords increased by : 305%
    Website traffic increased by : 64%+
    GSC impressions increased from : 3.26M to 4.45M
    GSC clicks increased by : 131%


    • Targeted keywords increased by

    • Website traffic increased by

    • GSC impressions increased from

      3.26M to 4.45M
    • GSC clicks increased by


    The Objectives

    The client sought Reposition’s assistance to enhance website visibility, boost conversion rates, optimise rankings for lead-generating keywords, and manage backend functionality. Our efforts aimed to promote the client’s services to property buyers and sellers worldwide, raise awareness of their property-related offerings, and develop relevant content tailored to the real estate sector.


    Begin With Discovery

    The Client Requirements

    The client aimed to achieve top organic rankings for high-volume, lead-generating keywords such as “cash house buyers,” “cash property buyers,” “we buy any house,” “house buyers UK,” and “quick house sale companies.” The number of keywords was stagnant, and traffic was experiencing slow growth with a decline in leads. They had a primary competitor to surpass. Initially, when the client approached us, they faced stagnation issues with keywords and traffic. They had 5.4K keywords ranked and 11.2K UK traffic. Below is a snapshot of the May 2022 scenario with accompanying screenshots.

    Keyword & Traffic Analysis

    The Strategy

    • A thorough technical and architectural audit of the website was conducted.
    • Analysing existing content to identify gaps in information and user needs.
    • Generated a list of recommendations based on the audit report to enhance website performance and user experience.
    • Adding FAQ sections to pages that were lacking them to address common queries and improve user engagement.
    • Recommended adding postcodes and maps to location-specific pages to provide detailed information and improve local SEO.
    • Suggested featuring location highlights on all main website pages in dedicated sections to improve visibility and local relevance.
    • Created a dedicated CTA (Call-to-Action) page featuring articles related to the “Cost of Selling a House” theme to drive engagement and conversions.
    • New page creation “Cost of Selling a House”.
    • Developing informative how-to content to guide users through specific processes related to property transactions.
    • Recreating outdated articles to ensure relevance, accuracy, and improved SEO performance
    • Developing and publishing content focusing on cluster keyword ideas to target specific topics and improve organic search visibility.
    • Acquiring backlinks from reputable niche websites through guest blog posts to improve domain authority and referral traffic.
    • Acquiring secured links from relevant online directories to enhance website visibility and authority.
    • Implementing on-page and off-page optimisations to target quick-win opportunities for improved search rankings.
    • Targeting high search volume keywords related to the property sector to increase organic traffic and visibility.
    • Scheduling regular Twitter posts to promote website content, engage with the audience, and drive traffic from social platforms.

    The Results

    Achieved top 10 positions in the Google search engine for highly searched keywords  ‘selling a house quickly,’ ‘quick house sale companies,’ ‘cash house buyers,’ ‘we buy any house,’ ‘house buyers uk,’ ‘house buyer,’ ‘sell your house fast and ‘National Homebuyers’.

    Keywords Increased

    • Achieved a remarkable 305% increase in targeted keywords.
    • Implemented a keyword-focused content strategy resulting in a 64% surge in overall website traffic.
    • Notably enhanced impressions on Google Search Console from 3.26M to 4.45M
    • Successfully boosted traffic by 64%.
    • Achieved a substantial 131% increase in clicks on Google Search Console, escalating from 33.7K to 77.9K

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